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The EPA and the Attachment Energy Rating Council (AERC) are working together to create an ENERGY STAR storm panel category. As this effort progresses, you will likely see an increased interest in after-market storm panel products. This is the third and final installment in a series of articles to support you in satisfying your prospective customers’ need for information, when deciding between replacement fenestration and storm window products.

Based on some research and a review of several prime window warranties, windows with installed storm windows and other attachments are generally excluded from such warranties. Here are three examples of warranty exclusion language:

  1. Stipulates the warranty “does not cover extreme artificial temperature buildup or exposure (e.g. where storm doors/windows are present).”
  2. Contains a list of “Important Do’s and Don’ts” which advise: 
    1. “Don’t: Add films or attachments to the glass. 
    2. “Do: Read and understand your Warranty."
  3.  Excludes damage or defects relating to misuse, abuse, the use of applied tints or films, or alterations.

Further, the storm window warranties reviewed do not appear to cover damage to the prime window when a storm window is installed. Considering the increasing interest in storm windows, it might be beneficial to review your prime window warranties to ensure they fully address your needs. 

Your customer service and sales staff need to know what the prime window warranty does and does not cover. By taking the initiative to educate them, you will be in good shape when prospective customers come calling with questions about the different benefits of replacement windows and storm windows. Supply your customer service and sales staff with tools to efficiently speak to warranty topics. Such tools might include a script, bullet points, or summary describing coverage and exclusions. Some internal training regarding your most recent warranties could be equally valuable. 

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