Our staff is organized into six primary departments – Executive, Accounting, Association Services, Meetings, Technical Services, and Certification


The Executive Department directs the overall vision of the association and oversees legislative activities and educational course development.

Accounting and Human Resources

The Accounting and HR Department is responsible for all financial and accounting practices as well as human resource and recruitment functions.

Association Services

The Association Services Department oversees association operations and procedures, member programs, services, marketing, continuing education offerings and public relations.


The Marketing Department is a subset of the Association Services department. Marketing oversees AAMA’s communications activities, website development and maintenance and all other marketing opportunities for our members and certification licensees.


The Meetings Department is responsible for all aspects of the advanced planning and on-site administration for AAMA’s national conferences, regional meetings and webinars.

Technical Services

The Technical Services Department oversees all aspects of AAMA’s document and standards development, representation at other industry organizations.


The Certification Department oversees all aspects of AAMA’s Certification Program development and administration.