Along with IGMA, GANA and WDMA, AAMA developed the Window Product Category Rule (PCR), which provides the rules and guidelines for our industry to produce business-to-business (B-to-B) Environmental Product Declarations (EPD). In turn, the EPDs provide for informed and objective sustainable purchasing of windows. This concludes four years of work on the project and serves as an excellent example of teamwork within the industry.

The B-to-B PCR covers manufacturing from raw material extraction to finished product, and is also known as “cradle to gate.” The B-to-C PCR also starts with raw material extraction but goes a step further, adding the use phase and final product disposal. B-to-C is labeled “cradle to grave.” Near the end of the PCR develop, it was decided to split the PCR into two (B-to-B and B-to-C) in order to allow for further analysis and fine tuning of the energy use phase.

The four-year process was slow going at first, because of unfamiliarity with the ISO guidance documents and sustainability performance measurements. Many decisions required working out differences between material recycling and disposal. The energy use phase calculations were complicated by the many window types, different climates and orientation, just to name a few.

More and more building codes and product certification programs are requiring EPDs. Architects and specifiers are also demanding EPDs. While these demands are more prevalent for commercial projects now, the residential marketplace will not be far behind -- the current estimates are five years or fewer before EPDs be required for new homes.

The joint industry Window Product Category Rule Team included: Jason Chesley, Pella Corporation; Kara Goscinski Cach, Guardian Industries; Jeff Haberer, Trulite Glass and Aluminum Solutions; Kerry Haglund, Efficient Windows Collaborative; Jeffrey Inks, WDMA; Jim Krahn, Marvin Windows and Doors; Greg McKenna, Kawneer; Annie Perkins, Andersen Windows; Helen Sanders, SAGE Electrochromics; Rita Schenck, IERE; Mark Silverberg, Technoform; Urmilla Jokhu-Sowell, GANA; Kevin Seiling, VEKA; and Margaret Webb, IGMA.

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