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Milgard benefitted from AAMA involvement long before I became an active member. Starting out as an aluminum window company in 1962, Milgard has been an AAMA member for more than 50 years. We’ve been participating as both a member and an AAMA certification licensee for a very long time, and the value AAMA brings to our company and the industry only continues to grow.

When I joined Milgard in 1993, Bill Gorman was already involved in AAMA. He asked me for help with the AAMA side of things early on, but I was so focused on the engineering part of what I was doing at Milgard I leaned on Bill as our AAMA representative.

Kim and Janet Flanary
Kim & Janet Flanary at the AAMA 2016 Fall Conference in Savannah, GA.
In 2004, when I attended my first AAMA event, I’m not sure I understood the benefits beyond certification. I got involved with task groups and saw so many areas where we needed to be involved. For a while, Bill and I were a two-person team, and I saw that there really is a need for more than one person per company to attend AAMA meetings. Bill did testing and certification at that time, and I went to the Fiberglass and Vinyl Material Councils meetings. Then, I saw the benefit of being involved in installation practices, so our presence at AAMA conferences grew. Currently, we have Teri Palmer representing vinyl and fiberglass, Chris Roderick keeping up with aluminum activities and Mark Caldwell covering testing and certification.

Milgard is primarily a West Coast company, but AAMA involvement provides us the opportunity to have a say in the growth of this industry from a standards and testing perspective, even though we’re a relatively small company. Our voice is heard. And within the company, people are seeing value in our AAMA participation.

On the testing and labeling side, the value we get is a little more obvious. Through our participation in AAMA Certification, we can show consumers, dealers and architects that we build a quality product. There is value both ways in terms of certification and meeting participation. It took me a while to learn the value of the task group and committee meetings, but I definitely see it now.

Being involved gives you a voice in driving the industry. It’s clear to me that AAMA is the voice when it comes to standards development, education and product certification. You can use the AAMA name in the industry, and people know what you’re talking about. It’s great to be able to say you were involved in the development of a standard. It gives you credibility to the dealers, consumers and architects you’re speaking to. Milgard benefits from that visibility by being an active participant within AAMA.