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When asked what I love most about my job (and there's a lot), I always respond, "AAMA has the best members!" These amazing industry representatives strive to make a positive impact on our industry, and that was never more evident than at GlassBuild America last month. With a wide spectrum of beautiful receptions, incredible displays and continuing education, I'd like to extend a few shout-outs to just a few of the amazing members, who really made the most of this popular annual event.

Member Celebrations
One of the perks of working for an association is that members invite you to their receptions...and I'm talking beautiful receptions with amazing food, great fun and even better company.

Quanex hosted its reception this year directly on the trade show floor, and it was packed! Our very own Rich Walker said he could hardly move around there were so many people. Now, that's a successful reception!

For those of you who were at the show, you know that Clinton and Trump were there, too. Well, they weren't at the show, but there were in Vegas for their final presidential debate. YKK AP took advantage of the opportunity and hosted its own debate with the candidates. The answers to questions from the audience were hilarious, and the look-alikes were dead on.
YKK AP America Mock Debate at GlassBuild

During its evening event at the Rooftop Garden in Paris, Deceuninck celebrated the opening of its new facility in Fernley, NV, and I got a chance to congratulate Todd Willman on this exciting new chapter.
Angela Dickson and Todd Willman

The award for the coolest table displays at a reception goes to VEKA. They looked like small statues scattered throughout the Omnia at Caesars Palace, but they were actually made of vinyl profiles. Genius!
VEKA Table Top Display

Safety Education
AAMA had the chance to represent its members via an Express Learning session on window safety, and I was floored by the interest from those who attended. It's certainly not a sexy topic, but it is an important one.

I specifically addressed the use of ASTM F2090-compliant Window Opening Control Devices (WOCDs). Special thanks to both Roto Frank for providing samples and AmesburyTruth for putting together a full-scale mock-up that allowed participants to really understand how WOCDs can be added to a new product design or retrofitted even after a window is installed.

To learn more about the work of the Window Safety Task Force, visit
Angela Dickson giving Window Safety presentation

Additional Shout-outs
  • NGA did a great job putting together this year's event. Everyone I talked to reported strong booth traffic, and there were also a lot of international companies looking to enter the U.S. market.
  • The DJ at the Peach Party on the last day of the show really needs to spin tunes for every event I attend. He kept the energy up, and I had to refrain myself from a full-on dance routine.
  • It was great to meet some familiar email addresses face-to-face, especially Bethany Stough of Glass magazine. We've corresponded for years, and after meeting her in person, I'm officially obsessed!
If you shared any great moments with AAMA members at GlassBuild, post them in the comments below. Looking forward to another great show in Atlanta next year!