FenestrationMasters logoWhile the AAMA FenestrationMasters® professional certification program is still fairly new, we’ve made some updates and improvements to the continuing education program recently that are pretty exciting. Whether you’re already certified, currently going through the coursework, or you’re considering enrolling your team and taking advantage of our group discount, read on to see what’s new with the program.

We’re proud to announce that the FenestrationMaster® and FenestrationAssociate® courses have recently each been accredited as an entire series by the American Institute of Architects (AIA) and the International Code Council (ICC). This means that once you successfully complete your coursework you can apply course time (11 hours for FenestrationAssociate; 13.5 hours for FenestrationMaster) for continuing education credits with either of the above organizations. AIA credits are Health, Safety, Welfare (HSW). While ICC credits are self-reported, if you would like us to process your credit for AIA, send a request— including your AIA membership number— to FenestrationMasters@aamanet.org.

The online AAMA Learning Center Resources page now houses every resource you’ll need to maximize your study time along the way, and learn the benefits available to you as a certified FenestrationMaster or FenestrationAssociate professional.

The Candidate Guide has a fresh, updated look in keeping with the new FenestrationMasters branding. This guide explains how the program works, from the necessary steps to become certified to what materials may be utilized during the exam. It also includes sample exam questions and answers.

In addition to the Candidate Guide, we recently created a FenestrationMaster Marketing Guide and a FenestrationAssociate Marketing Guide which highlight the benefits available to you as a certified professional, including logo usage, press release templates available for your use, and an opportunity to post your photo and bio to the AAMA website. The new Recertification Guide was created for certified professionals to learn about the recertification process.

Development of recertification coursework is under way and set to be released September 1, 2016. While both FenestrationMaster and FenestrationAssociate certified professionals will need to complete recertification coursework in order to renew their credential, FenestrationMaster certified professionals are also required to complete industry engagement credits within their certification period, which can be tracked on the Credit Tracking Matrix. Learn more about the recertification requirements here.

The FenestrationMasters program is gaining traction, as evidenced by a steady increase to enrollment and group purchases by some of the top leading companies in the industry. Those who have earned their professional credentials have some nice things (see dialogue box on the upper-right side of the page) to say about the program, too. AAMA staff is available to discuss any questions you may have, including the best plan for your staff and to provide a quote for group enrollments. Email FenestrationMasters@aamanet.org today.