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Here at AAMA, we are grateful to our amazing membership for their valued service and drive to better the association as a whole. As an industry, we've all seen highs and lows in the last decade, but the pace and volume of members work intensified. Since the late 1990s, committee and task group activity increased 143 percent, and some major programs and services have also been added, including the following, just to name a few:
    2016 AAMA Glassbuild America booth
  • FenestrationMasters professional certification
  • Legislative/regulatory monitoring and extended code representation
  • Enhanced affiliated organization representation and reporting
  • Webinars focused on important industry topics, accessible to member company employees
Our educational expansions have led to a more knowledgeable membership base, and our webinars (available via the members only online archive) provide regular opportunities for continuing education. AAMA also remains committed to representing the industry when it comes to codes and regulations, and members can rest assured that their voices are heard in Washington and around the nation. Because of AAMA’s connections with organizations like IGMA, NGA and GANA, AAMA members get the benefit of being kept in the loop within many areas of the industry. AAMA also works to ensure AAMA members get the most out of courses like FenestrationMasters, which count toward both AIA and ICC credit.

Additionally, here are some things AAMA has most recently implemented, or soon will:
  • Category 1 members will now have complimentary access to the AAMA Virtual Library (AVL) that includes the majority of AAMA technical documents currently available.
  • The redesigned AAMA website will feature new ways to facilitate member engagement.
  • An expanding focus on industry education and professional development will give members a competitive advantage and opportunities for expedited employee training.
This growth confirms the importance of AAMA membership in order to stay up to date on the latest industry standards and advancements. It’s very important to AAMA’s mission that we continue to grow and expand our benefits to ensure our members get the value they deserve. Thanks for all you do to enable the association and our industry to thrive.