It’s a new year, and the perfect time for AAMA to begin rolling out some new, updated looks for its publications, like the monthly-released AAMA e-News. You’ll see a new layout for this popular digest soon, timed with the release of the brand-new AAMA website. Those attending the AAMA 80th Annual Conference next month will get a sneak peek at the website’s new look, but for now, here’s what you can expect for the updated AAMA e-News.
AAMA e-News Header

As mentioned in a recent AAMA article, the revamped newsletter design will include a cleaner appearance, new rotating section headers and the opportunity for member companies to purchase sponsorships.

As you may know if you’ve attended our conferences, AAMA frequently solicited news topics from its eight material and product councils for inclusion in AAMA e-News. At future events, AAMA staff will no longer ask this of councils, freeing up conference time for other important work. Instead, AAMA will include council news on an as-needed basis, instead of waiting for the next council-sponsored issue. Plus, AAMA will provide council activity summaries to ensure members are aware of the latest work these councils are addressing.

In the attractive, cleaner newsletter layout, new rotating section headers will cycle in and out for items like case studies, member profiles, council updates, AAMA document updates and industry news. As always, if you’re an AAMA member who wants to be featured in an upcoming AAMA member profile or if your company has a case study you would like to be shared, contact me at any time.

Member profiles are created by either filling out a short questionnaire or being interviewed by me over the phone. They’re a fun way for other members to get to know more about each other and can be a opportunity to shout out mentors or others in the industry. Case studies provide an excellent opportunity for member companies to get new eyes on their products, and to expand their reach on social media, since case studies are “pinned” and shared on AAMA’s Pinterest account as well as on Twitter, where we now have more than 1,200 industry-focused followers.

And finally, some newsletter sponsorships will soon be available for purchase by AAMA member companies. Stay tuned for pricing packages, details and benefits.

It’s a lot of changes, but they’re going to make for a better experience overall. We welcome your feedback this spring as these changes go into effect!