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phone screenshotSome changes have been happening at your favorite social media channels, including a new look for Instagram, some password advice from LinkedIn and an upcoming change to character limits on Twitter. Let’s take a look at what’s new in social media this spring.

Twitter: In the next few months, you won’t have to worry about using valuable Twitter real estate on things like username handles, photos or links. Though the current limit of 140 characters per tweet currently includes these, the company sees a desire to change this practice. Another change: Soon, you won’t need to put a period before a user’s name to ensure all of your followers will see the tweet. That’s a nice change, since it’s an oft-forget Twitter rule.

Instagram: Last month, the photo sharing platform updated its app with a new icon and redesign. Hopefully by now you’ve gotten used to looking for the new icon on your device – I kept accidentally opening it thinking it was my similarly-colored podcasts app! The layout is clean and simple. The company said the change was made to put more focus on user’s photos without changing the way users navigate within the app. I kind of miss the old school Polaroid camera logo, but I know I’ll get used to the new look.

LinkedIn: In less fun news, LinkedIn recently discovered that a 2012 hack on the company may have resulted in some sensitive user information being accessed. As a result, and as a general recommended good practice, the company suggests users enable two-step verification and use quality passwords.

That’s what’s new in social media in recent weeks. Are you especially excited about any of the changes? Tweet at us to let us know @AAMAinfo!