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Comfort - The Key to Selling Energy Efficiency

For many years, our industry has attempted to calculate payback periods for higher up front investments in more energy-efficient fenestration products. We’ve attempted to educate the public about U-factors, Solar Heat Gain Coefficients and Visible Transmittance to help them understand how highly energy-efficient products work. But maybe all those calculations and explanations are not as important as we once thought. Maybe we need to get back to the basics – a focus on the five senses which impact daily human life. For many of you,...

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Can a New Clear Solar Panel be a Game Changer?

Up until now, several research teams have been touting nearly clear glass that can also generate solar energy. While promising, these lab products have transparency and efficiency drawbacks &ndash; not clear enough and low conversion efficiencies.&nbsp; However, a Michigan State University Research team has emerged with a very promising fully transparent solar cell. <br/> ...

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