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Make Your Voice Heard in the Industry | Why Balloting Matters

I’ve been working in AAMA’s Technical Department since 2015 and I’ve learned more about windows, doors and skylights than I ever would have imagined when I graduated with my English and Journalism degrees. I always thought I would end up at a publishing company or working in a library. Yet, I’ve found a comfortable place at AAMA as the association’s Technical Standards Coordinator, working with standards and helping our members develop and improve them.AAMA is known for several things in the industry, but for me,...

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A Focus on Door Standards and Testing

AAMA is well-known for having broad and active participation by residential and commercial window companies, but the scope of our organization is actually far more expansive than that. The AAMA Door Council is an excellent example of what I&rsquo;m talking about. It&rsquo;s a very active, but lesser known, segment of the AAMA membership. In the May issue of the AAMA e-news, a couple of articles highlighted recent door-related activities, which have advanced further even in just the last few months. <br/> AAMA 920, Specification for Operating Cycle...

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