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More Industry Twitter Accounts to Follow Right Now

In a Socially Speaking post two summers ago, I shared a list of 10 residential and commercially-focused industry media accounts to follow on Twitter in order to keep up with fenestration news. That list still stands as a great round-up of media outlets, but here are some additional accounts you should add in order to get an even wider range of perspectives on our industry.Chip Gentry is a lawyer who specializes in fenestration-related litigation. He often speaks at conferences about how companies can avoid lawsuits,...

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What Is It Going To Take To Break Free?

For the last two years, sustainable, substantial growth has been held back by a whole host of factors: Growth is sluggish; uneven; and not consistent across the country or different housing types (is it ever?). According to the National Association of Home Builders, single family housing permits remain at only 43 percent of their last normal market in the early 2000s. NAHB also reports that the pending homes sales index is down 14 percent from over a year ago. <br/> What's the underlying problem? It...

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