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It’s almost time for the Summer Conference, and everyone at AAMA HQ is gearing up. In-person meetings and events are our chance to show members how we’ve been serving them since we last saw them, and they’re an opportunity for us to get feedback about what our members are most interested in. Will you join us in Seattle at the end of this month?

Of course, the purpose of AAMA conferences is to further serve our members. They do this by allowing members to come together to finalize documents and standards, discuss issues and events that impact business, and make plans for the future. AAMA conferences are a great way to get involved in a more hands-on capacity – come to a conference, and you too can effect change within your industry. You can also set yourself apart as a valued leader and an important company asset by keeping informed and in-tune with the pulse of the industry.

While I’ve written before about AAMA’s need for marketing-focused member involvement, it’s crucial to have a well-rounded conference presence that represents all facets of the industry. So, no matter what you do at your company, your input has strong value – and AAMA’s conferences are your chance to provide it.

If you’re a regular AAMA conference attendee, you know AAMA values your hard work. If you’re not a regular yet, I hope you’ll consider coming to Seattle. The Pacific Northwest in June and July can’t be topped, and we’ve got a whole itinerary of events that showcases the area’s beauty. Plus, if you’re involved in the Western Region, consider staying another day to attend the Western Region Summer Summit. We’re asking conference-goers use the hashtag #AAMAconf in their social media posts during the event, so others can follow along. I’ll be sharing the best updates and photos on AAMA’s Twitter account.

See you in Seattle!
Pike Place Market | Seattle WA