Apr 17, 2018

Webinar - Specifying Fenestration Products Using NAFS-11

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This is an AAMA developed, AIA Accredited program on how to use NAFS-11 to specify appropriate windows and doors for the intended application.
For certified FenestrationMasters, this webinar is eligible for one industry engagement credit toward recertification. Contact education@aamanet.org if you'd like to receive documentation verifying your attendance.
This program covers:
  • A brief history of window and door standards and how they are referenced in the code
  • Using the standard’s nomenclature to specify the type of product you want
  • Specifying the performance level for the building’s application
  • Key performance attributes covered by the standard
  • Special requirements for different product types
  • The short form specification
Rich Rinka serves as AAMA’s Technical Manager, Standards & Industry Affairs. Prior to coming to AAMA, Rich worked in the industry as a Field Technical Engineer for a component supplier and also served as chair of the AAMA 800 Maintenance Committee. During his time in product development for the automotive industry, he developed and still holds four patents related to sealants.