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FGIA to Participate in GlassBuild Connect 2020

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U.S., Canadian Economic Outlook Discusses Post-COVID-19 Recovery at FGIA Virtual Summer Conference

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FGIA Announces New Board of Directors, Strategic Plan at Inaugural Conference

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Highlights from the FGIA Virtual Summer Conference


Due to the ongoing concerns about COVID-19, the Summer Conference took place on Zoom webinar this year, and the upcoming Fall Conference will follow a similar format as a virtual event. Despite not being held in-person, the Virtual Summer Conference was a wonderful, well-attended event with some timely expert speakers....

Social Media Highlights from the FGIA Virtual Summer Conference


The first-ever FGIA Virtual Summer Conference went well, complete with excellent panel discussions and updates, many pertaining to how to handle the fallout of COVID-19. While the virtual nature of the event meant participants were not able to spend their usual time together in person, it didn’t mean they couldn’t...

Enjoy Online Access to AAMA, IGMA Documents via FGIA Virtual Library


I usually know that I have a specific document somewhere, but exactly where it is might be a problem. If you have ever had a similar issue in finding FGIA documents, the Fenestration and Glazing Virtual Library (FGVL) is here to help. This resource has existed for several years and...