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During the Annual AAMA conference in February in Phoenix, AZ, AAMA’s Door Council met and reviewed the work of several task groups and committees and discussed progress of document development. Additionally, a new group, the Side Hinged Door Acoustical Standards Review Work Group, was created during the conference. These matters and others will continue efforts during the Summer Conference June 18-21 in Newport, RI.

Reorganizations Highlight Annual Conference

The subgroups of the Door Council took the opportunity of the recent Annual Conference to update their organization to better serve current projects.

  • The AAMA 930 Side-Hinged Exterior Door Hardware Task Group (chair: Jan Huml [ASSA Abloy]) was moved to the Hardware Committee. Work continues updating AAMA 930-03, Voluntary Specification for the Water Penetration Resistance and Structural Load Performance of Locking/Latching Hardware Used in Side-Hinged Door Systems, most recently focusing on adding terrace door hardware to the document scope.
  • The AAMA Door Hardware Water Test Plan Work Group was disbanded, following a determination last fall that further attention to water testing was not necessary given its coverage in NAFS.
  • The name of the AAMA 111 Task Group was changed to the Side-Hinged Door Component Substitution Procedural Guide Task Group to better reflect its focus on the referenced document (Procedure for Limited Component Substitution in AAMA Certified Exterior Side-Hinged Doors). Member comments resulting from a survey that closed February 24 were set to be reviewed by the task group via conference call, which is to be scheduled.

Document Development Continues

AAMA 925-13, Specification for Determining the Vertical Loading Resistance of Side-Hinged Door Leaves, continues to undergo revision discussions, aiming for completion this summer.

AAMA 1304-02, Voluntary Specification for Forced-Entry Resistance of Side-Hinged Door Systems, recently re-balloted to confirm a change garnered by the previous ballot last fall, resulted in no substantive changes. The document has moved forward for product group ballot.

Work continues to develop a Multi-Panel Door Testing for Certification document under the auspices of the task group of the same name (chair: Jim Blakely [UL, Northbrook, IL]). The intent is to create guidelines for qualifying door systems at sizes larger than tested, and/or for multi-panel door systems not currently covered under NAFS (EG: bi-fold, multi-slide, lift-and-slide, etc.). Development work is initially focusing on sliding glass doors.

Door Acoustical Requirements is Subject of New Initiative

A Side Hinged Door Acoustical Standards Review Work Group has been created (Chair: Scott Warner [ATI]) to address acoustical standards with the potential goal of developing a guideline or standard. A primary focus of initial activities will be to reconcile the conflicting requirements among the foundational documents of ASTM E1425-14, Standard Practice for Determining the Acoustical Performance of Windows, Doors, Skylight, and Glazed Wall Systems, ASTM E90-09(2016), Standard Test Method for Laboratory Measurement of Airborne Sound Transmission Loss of Building Partitions and Elements, and AAMA 1801-13, Voluntary Specification for the Acoustical Rating of Exterior Windows, Doors, Skylights and Glazed Wall Sections. At the least, AAMA 1801 needs to be clarified regarding the impact of air infiltration on acoustical performance as well as latching force as it relates to air infiltration. A recommendation will be formulated for presentation to the Door Council.