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Originally published in Glass Magazine, articles are based upon content from AAMA events, members and staff.

2017 Issues

2018 Codes Reduce Requirements for Emergency Escape and Rescue Openings, October
One of the biggest disappointments for the fenestration industry, with regards to the 2018 International Codes, is a reduction in the number of emergency escape and rescue openings (EEROs) required for sleeping rooms in the basements of multifamily buildings and single-family homes.

Prescriptive Values Set to Change in 2018 IECC, September
The discussion of changes in the 2018 International Codes shifts this month to the International Energy Conservation Code.

The IECC has evolved greatly since its first edition in 1998. Overall significant strides in improving the energy performance of buildings have been made. Based upon analysis performed by the U.S. Department of Energy and others, buildings built to the 2015 IECC use less than half the energy of buildings built to the 1998 IECC.

Codes Weigh Security and Fire-Safety for Classroom Doors, August
Since their inception, the national building codes have focused on keeping occupants from being trapped in a burning building. They require that doors swing in the direction of egress and be openable from the inside without the use of “keys, tools or special knowledge.” These requirements are based upon tragedies in which building occupants were trapped because the force of occupants against inswinging doors was too great to open them, or the doors were locked from the outside.

Rejection of Updates to Referenced Standards Raise Questions, June
The 2015 and 2018 I-code cycles signaled a potential shift in how updates to existing referenced standards are handled and approved. During the cycles, two updates were rejected despite meeting all ICC requirements. The rejections were unprecedented and could have significant ramifications for Standard Developing Organizations.

Major Changes to Design Wind Pressure Coming in 2018 Codes, May
The 2018 International Building Code is complete. Perhaps the most significant change in the 2018 IBC for fenestration in most parts of the United States will be the update of ASCE 7, which prescribes design loads for buildings.

Online Voting Offers Bigger Voice to Code Officials, April
The International Code Council,, once again integrated Online Governmental Consensus Voting for the recently completed 2016 Group B Code Cycle. ICC developed the OGCV process to provide a way for representatives of the ICC Governmental Members (code officials) to participate in the development of the codes they are charged with enforcing, without having to incur the expense and inconvenience of attending code development hearings in person.