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During the 2017 AAMA National Fall Conference, the Glass Material Council heard about bids for a test fixture to measure edge scalloping, updates about a joint AAMA/IGMA web page and discussion of plans to update acoustical standards. Work on these matters and others will continue via conference calls and during the 2018 AAMA Annual Conference (February 19-22) in Orlando, FL.

Edge Scalloping Test Fixture Being Bid Out

Two bids have been received by the joint AAMA/IGMA Edge Pressure Task Group (Chair: Paul Bush [Vitro Architectural Glass]) for fabrication of a test fixture for measuring effects of pressure in combination with environmental conditions. These are seen in the field as scalloping. Scalloping is when uneven squeezing of PIB edge sealant into the vision area, which occurs as an insulated glass unit (IGU) is subjected to different levels of edge pressure.

The testing is intended to lead to development of a procedure to predict when scalloping will occur. The test numbers (greater than four to 10 lbs/lineal inch) have been in the standards for decades and have worked well. However, there were some structural changes that need to be addressed. Loading on the perimeter still needs to be determined. The test fixture as currently designed utilizes 18” x 18” square glass samples, clamped down to the desired pressure. It is then subjected to temperature cycling, after which the edge seal is checked.

A conference call will be held to review and discuss both bids.

Hurricane Postpones ASTM IGU Deliberations

ASTM E06 subcommittee action on updating the ASTM E2190 standard and the associated ASTM E2188 and ASTM E2189 test methods for insulating glass has been postponed due to the landfall of Hurricane Nate on October 8, until an interim meeting which will be held in Dallas in the first week of November. At the interim meeting, the negative ballots on earlier draft proposals will be resolved. ASTM E2188, E2189 and E2190 will go dormant if not updated by the end of 2018; however, there will be two meetings available in 2018 at which to resolve the open issues if necessary.

Joint Web Page in Final Approval Stage Prior to Launch

The GMC Marketing Committee (chair: Tim McGlinchy [GED Integrated Solutions]), in a July 20 teleconference, resolved the ballot comments from the IGMA Board of Directors pursuant to approval of a joint AAMA/IGMA Understanding Glass Standards web page. The final ballot (in web layout form) will be to the AAMA Marketing Steering Committee in November.

Once approved, the web page will be posted at the end of the year on both AAMA's and IGMA's websites, featuring images selected jointly by the AAMA and IGMA staff. Members and industry representatives are encouraged to link to the page to aid in explaining glass standards to end users.

Acoustical Standards Discussed

Members also discussed development of a testing protocol for glass constructions pursuant to establishing acoustical ratings for various glass configurations in a whole fenestration unit. Based on the current AAMA 1801-13, Voluntary Specification for the Acoustical Rating of Exterior Windows, Doors, Skylights and Glazed Wall Sections, the first work product could be an outline for a new standard for presentation to ASTM. Members are encouraged to participate and contribute to this discussion.

Follow the activities of the council by visiting, where minutes from the Fall Conference will soon be posted.