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During the AAMA Western Region Summer Summit in June, Joe Hayden (Pella) reported on the continuing efforts of AAMA, CSA and WDMA to simplify the 226-page standard to be more user-friendly. Full simplification is now targeted for completion no later than early 2022 (was June 2019) for reference in the 2024 US I-Codes and the 2025 Canadian National Building Code.

The first ballot of the draft revision (April 2017) was unsuccessful at AAMA, with only 88 of the required 106 responses received. There were also a total of 24 disapprovals.

Of the various options considered for the simplification, there was limited AAMA support for focusing the purpose on code compliance versus product comparison or eliminating gateway minimum test sizes for R and LC class products. However, harmonizing air leakage requirements between Canada and the US was supported.

As of the Summer Conference, AAMA was still reviewing the ballot responses, and the NAFS Committee was holding weekly conference calls to refine recommendations on non-controversial proposals to the JDMG.

Meanwhile, the JDMG is recommending keeping the original four performance classes and clarifying that only non-technical certification provisions are to be removed. The JDMG has also formed a task group (Chair: Dan Raap [AmesburyTruth]) to conduct a methodical review of material and component requirements. The second draft will likely be balloted next year, at which time the entire draft document will again be open for review.