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JW Marriott Desert Ridge ResortThe speakers at  AAMA’s 80th Annual Conference in February in Phoenix, will address general business topics, such as communication, as well as industry-specific ones, such as Building Information Modeling and Environmental Product Declarations. Registration for this conference, giving access to all speakers and several industry workshops, is now open. Early bird registration continues until January 26, so reserve a space now.

“We are excited about the new structure of AAMA’s conferences, starting with its implementation at this special, 80th Annual Conference,” said Florence Nicolici, AAMA Meetings Manager. “We feel it will add further value to what those who attend already receive from participating.”

Here is a line-up of what to expect at the conference.

Monday, February 13
Janine Driver | Lyin' Tamer Education | Keynote SpeakerKeynote speaker Janine Driver (Lyin’ Tamer Education) will give a presentation about body language called, “You Say More Than You Think: How to Use the New Body Language to Get What You Want.” Uncovering the mysteries of body language—how people communicate their thoughts and feelings without saying a word—is a powerful first step toward mastering any business and social situation.

As Driver believes, all successful people know that the ability to detect and react to the split second signals that skim across people’s bodies hundreds of times each day is crucial to getting what they want in life. During this general session, attendees will learn to strengthen interpersonal relationships, become a stronger leader, manage nerves better, attain ambitious new goals and more.

Driver will also lead two related workshops during the week. On Monday, she’ll present “You Can’t Resist Me: Four Real Success Secrets to Increase Collaboration, Decrease Agitation and be Irresistible in Any Situation.” On Tuesday, Driver will lead a workshop called “How to Use the New Body Language to Keep Customers for Life.”

John Nolan (The Gary Law Group) will present “California’s Proposition 65: Current Regulations and Implementation of Amendments.” California’s Prop 65 was recently amended to include new requirements on the content and methods of transmission of toxicity warnings, including new language that requires businesses to disclose Prop 65-listed chemicals to which persons may be exposed. New regulations will take effect after August 30, 2018.

Marshall Jinlong Wang (The Aluminum Association) will present “A Material’s Solution for Green Buildings: The Case of Aluminum.” This presentation and discussion will be focused on how aluminum can be used to make building products that help to accomplish green solutions. It will examine the unique properties of the metal, its applications in the building environment and how maximum LEED credits can be scored based on the roles of the aluminum solutions in an integrated system. In addition, key parameters affecting the quality of EPDs will be discussed.

Dan Luoma and Brandon Boris (Luoma Design Solutions) will cover the ever-changing commercial design environment and how Building Information Modeling (BIM) has become the key tool to collaborate, transform and produce complex and interactive buildings for the fenestration industry. During the session entitled,“The Growing Reliance of BIM in The Fenestration Industry,” the history of BIM and why it was established will be discussed, as well as how BIM has evolved and the new developments with BIM technology. This session will be repeated the following day on Tuesday.

Vik Ahuja (thinkstep) will present “The Business Value of Environmental Product Declarations.” Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) can help companies increase revenues, strengthen brands, gain operational efficiencies and mitigate risk. This presentation will focus on market drivers such as LEEDv4, how EPDs are prepared and what resources would be necessary to bring an EPD to fruition. Options will be presented for developing EPDs cooperatively at the industry-wide level or independently at the manufacturer-specific level.

Tuesday, February 14
Gary Netherton (Milgard) will speak on the topic of Quality Management System (QMS) Certification. During this presentation, Netherton will share what a QMS is and why it is important, as well as some examples of how Milgard has used the AAMA QMS requirements to improve quality and add value to products. This session will be repeated on Wednesday.

Dick Doyle (Vinyl Institute) will update participants on the current activities of the Vinyl Institute, which represents manufacturers of vinyl resins/ compounds, vinyl additives, modifiers and packaging materials and advocates the industry value in responsible manufacture, life cycle management and value to society. As the VI’s President and CEO, Doyle will discuss updates on new and ongoing VI initiatives and how AAMA members can get involved.

Dr. Jim Doti (Chapman University) will give a forecast of the U.S. economy in 2017. Dr. Doti, president emeritus and Donald Bren Distinguished Chair of Business and Economics, will focus on the nature of the current recovery and examine the economic forces that will determine whether real GDP growth will continue its upward trajectory. His presentation will also include forecasts for economic variables of particular interest to both businesses and consumers, including employment, inflation, residential construction, home prices and interest rates.

Julie Ruth (JRuth Code Consulting) will report on the impact of various code related activities as they pertain to fenestration products. The development of the 2018 International Residential Code will be discussed, in addition to the 2018 International Energy Conservation Code and the structural provisions of the 2018 International Building Code. Ruth will also discuss ongoing efforts to merge the International Green Construction Code and ASHRAE 189.

During the Manufacturing Safety Forum, JoAnn Dankert (National Safety Council) will give an overview of the National Safety Council and what being a member means, plus how it can help an organization on its members’ safety journey. She will also share the top five mistakes that organizations make regarding safety and health, along with information on incident investigations.

Wednesday, February 15
Steve Selkowitz (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory) will give a presentation entitled, “Windows in Future Buildings: Smart, Adaptive Solutions for Sustainable Cities.” Historically, windows were the weak thermal link in the building envelope but this is changing. However, Selkowitzwill look at recent progress on these challenges and ahead over five to 15 years to outline a series of new and emerging market-ready solutions for the technologies, systems, tools and processes that are changing the role of fenestration performance. Additionally, he will discuss how to accelerate market readiness of these promising glazing, shading and daylighting options so as to make them available as cost-effective solutions to meet a range of building applications and markets.

Rounding out Wednesday morning, Amanda Provenzano (JELD-WEN) will present “A Manufacturer’s Perspective on Sustainability” during the three-hour Governance Meeting. As the market becomes ever more competitive, consumer demands and expectations now encompass sustainability, corporate responsibility and product transparency. This presentation will address these demands, outline a manufacturer’s perspective on sustainability and highlight the value and opportunities associated with end-user demands.

Workshops will be held Monday and Tuesday as well, covering the features of the soon-to-be-re-launched AAMA website, the two sessions devoted to body language led by Driver and a roundtable discussion of the AAMA 120, Procedural Guide for Creation, Publication and Maintenance of American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) Documents. Companies can be sure their voices will be heard in this discussion about how AAMA documents are shaped in the future.