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This past year was a busy one for AAMA and the industry, and we’ve come out of 2017 with a lot to show for it. We wanted to see what was of most interest to you - our members and readers, so we tallied up the top five news articles and top five blog posts from 2017.

Top Five News Articles

  1. AAMA Releases 2016/2017 Industry Review and Forecast: This important market study update caught a lot of the industry’s attention in April.
  2. AAMA Releases Updated Standard Test Method for Water Penetration Using Dynamic Pressure: The industry wanted to know more about this summer document update.
  3. Early Bird Registration for Summer Conference Available Through May 2018: Did you attend the 2017 Summer Conference in Newport, RI, this past June? It was a popular conference, and readers were eager to get the scoop about what to expect. Check out the photos from the clam bake and the sailboat experience!
  4. AAMA Releases New White Paper About Aluminum fenestration and Energy Efficiency: This AMC white paper came out of a lot of hard work by AAMA members and was also the subject of a couple industry magazine articles in 2017.
  5. AAMA Begins Planning for the Next Code Cycle: The AAMA Code Action Committee was getting ready to begin work for the 2018 Group A code cycle back in May of this year. Codes are of large interest to many of our members, and we kept them up to date about the process.

Top Five Blog Posts

While AAMA has three blogs (Trade Secrets, Member Edge and Socially Speaking), AAMA President and CEO Rich Walker’s blog remains the most popular – four of the top five blog posts of the year are from his Trade Secrets blog.

  1. Will the EPA Start Showing Signs of Moderation? In February, Rich wrote about some of the changes happening at the EPA and posited whether or not the federal agency would undergo some regulatory reform.
  2. New Block Scheduling to Take Place at AAMA 80th Annual Conference: This Member Edge guest post was written by AAMA Board President, Mike DeSoto, giving a rundown of what was then a brand-new conference scheduling format. Mike’s helpful breakdown was a popular read before the new schedule’s implementation.
  3. Summer Conference to Tackle Industry Interests by Day, Clam Bake by Night: Rich wrote this blog post to get members excited about the AAMA Summer Conference in beautiful Rhode Island.
  4. AAMA Says Good Luck and Farewell to Dean Lewis, the Answers Man: In April, AAMA wished a happy retirement to Dean Lewis, who served as AAMA Technical Manager, Training and Education and worked at AAMA for 18 years. AAMA staff wrote some moving (and funny) testimonials to one of the industry’s brightest in this collaborative tribute. See photos from Dean’s retirement lunch.
  5. Body Language Can Help You in the Work Place: Rich wrote this blog post about his takeaways from the interesting keynote speaker address and workshops he attended at the AAMA Annual Conference in Phoenix, AZ. These discussions were led by expert Janine Driver, who talked about the use of body language and how you can use it to your advantage in the workforce.

That’s all for 2017! Thanks for relying on AAMA as an industry news source. We’ll see what catches our readers’ eyes this time next year.