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In February during the AAMA 80th Annual Conference, the Wood and Cellulosic Composite Material Council Finishes Committee (chair: Jack Reed [Arkema]) continued to champion an effort to reconcile and align two similar industry publications: AAMA 653-14, Voluntary Performance Requirements and Test Procedures for Organic Coatings on Wood and Cellulosic Composite Substrates, and WDMA TM-12-2013, Test Method for Factory Applied Pigmented Coatings for Wood and Wood Cellulosic Composites Used for Millwork.

A Comparison Matrix intended to summarize the many redundancies between the documents was accepted by the product groups in a ballot that closed March 10, 2017. Once ballot comments are resolved, the matrix will be submitted to the Document Management Committee and the AAMA Board for final direction on the future of the documents.

The likely path will be to use the WDMA document (perhaps with suggested modifications) and withdraw AAMA 653, although certain differences need to be resolved. For example, 653 addresses some aspects that are not covered in TM 12, such as heat build-up, humidity resistance, oven aging and sealant compatibility. Yet, TM 12 covers aspects not included in 653 such as abrasion resistance and accelerated weathering. And, where both documents address the same attribute, there are often nuanced differences in the test method and/or criteria.

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