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The following free brochure downloads focus on specific industry concerns related to windows, doors, skylights, curtain wall and storefronts and cover the following topics. To order printed copies of these and other brochures, please visit the Consumer Information section of our online Publications Store.

Care and Maintenance
Product Certification
Green Building
Window Safety

Care and Maintenance
To aid your windows, doors and skylights in performing at their highest function and lasting for years to come, you must perform regular care and maintenance.

Caring for Your Windows, Doors and Skylights
This page and optional print brochure provides tips on proper care and maintenance of windows, doors and skylights to ensure optimal performance of these products. Some of the main topics include:

  • Tips on caring for your products
  • Tips for cleaning glass 
  • Frame cleaning tips 
  • Understanding moisture
  • Understanding color retention
  • Caring for your plastic glazed skylights

Product Certification
Since 1962, AAMA Certification, the original third-party window performance program, has provided manufacturers with the means to independently demonstrate product performance to their customers. The AAMA Certification Label tells customers that a sample of the product has been verified as conforming to the standards’ requirements through independent laboratory testing and follow-up on-site inspection of the manufacturer’s production line.

Certification Overview
If you are interested in learning more about the AAMA Certification Program, then this is the perfect brochure for you. It gives you the basics about the program and what it stands for.

The AAMA Certification Program
For an in-depth look at our certification program refer to this brochure to answer your detailed questions, including association and program background, performance standard requirements, the certification process, and specific component, framing material and performance class requirements focused on the NAFS-08 standard.

Nobody is More Committed to Window and Door Performance Than We Are
This brochure is a simple guide to the AAMA Certification Program and offers an introduction to the meaning of air, water and structural performance testing. Perfect for manufacturers' sales staff, architects, builders, and homeowners seeking a basic understanding of window and door performance requirements.

Green Building
AAMA is concerned about green building initiatives and is leading the charge for fenestration products and their impact on the building’s overall green performance attributes.

Aluminum: The total solution for sustainable, strong and efficient commercial building design
AAMA's Aluminum Material Council developed a white paper to discuss the many strategic advantages when incorporating aluminum extrusions into today’s commercial fenestration products.

Sustainable Vinyl: One material, virtually endless possibilities
This white paper, created by AAMA’s Vinyl Material Council, dispels myths and confirms truths about vinyl as a sustainable material. The paper also discusses several merits of vinyl in fenestration as well as in other applications—from safety and longevity, to its recyclable nature and reliable historical performance.

Window Safety
The Window Safety Task Force strives to provide educational information and heighten safety awareness to help consumers take the necessary action to prevent the risk of window falls and to understand the vital role windows and doors play in fire safety.

Keeping the Promise of Safety: Window Safety Awareness
This brochure provides information on the importance that windows play in home safety. Tips on how to prevent window accidents and how to make sure that windows are operating normally are also provided. To obtain a free Window Safety Kit that includes this brochure as well as tips, checklist, press release and activity and coloring book, visit the National Safety Council website. For more information, visit the Window Safety and Fall Prevention page.