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Become a Corporate Member

Learn about the Professional membership or Technical Consultant membership options also available. View the AAMA Membership Eligibility Requirements.

At AAMA, our mission is to make our members stronger in the marketplace. We are the source for performance standards, product certification and educational programs for the fenestration industry.

The organization has been developing product performance standards for window, door, skylight, curtain wall and storefront products for over 70 years and has been certifying products for over 40 years. AAMA also engages in product testing and market research projects and continuing education.

We offer three memberships, each priced at different levels, which are tailored to your specific needs and areas of interest. 

Corporate Membership

Our highest level, Corporate Membership, offers three categories of participation designed to accommodate companies of all sizes with geographically variant product distribution.

While benefits associated with each category vary, companies have the opportunity to:

  • Access AAMA’s full technical resource center and enhanced member directory
  • Reduce costs with preferred pricing on certification and education programs, market studies, performance standards and events
  • Participate in developing performance standards, test methods and marketing programs
  • Take advantage of networking opportunities and the prestige of holding leadership positions

AAMA Preliminary Corporate Membership Application
You can begin the membership process now by simply filling out the preliminary membership application inquiry online or by downloading an applicationmembership participation levels and the membership dues schedule.

Professional and Technical Consultant Membership

If you maintain a qualifying professional license and are involved in the design, specification, engineering, construction, or code compliance inspection of buildings, a Professional Membership would be a great asset to you.

The Technical Consultant Membership is geared toward those who provide technical consulting services within the construction and fenestration industries.

Both of these member types enjoy a variety of benefits including:

  • Access to new services, technologies and AAMA’s full technical resource center
  • Networking opportunities and enhanced member directory access
  • Subscription to AAMA newsletters
  • Preferred pricing on AAMA education, performance standards and events

From new business opportunities to opportunities for personal and professional growth, AAMA offers it all.

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