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Fiberglass is growing in popularity for use in windows and doors, thanks to its energy-efficient, low-maintenance attributes and multitude of flexible, colorful design options.

The following charts are from the Fiberglass for Fenestration course.

The demand for residential windows continues to remain slow in 2011, following housing activity in general, after falling from peak volumes in 2006. Fiberglass’ single digit market share contributes to the exponential growth illustrated in this graph. However, it remains the fastest growing material classification in the fenestration industry as noted from 2009 to what is forecasted in 2015. This clearly shows the acceptance that fiberglass fenestration products are realizing.
Growth Rate Window Materials Chart

The next graph shows the growth rate of residential fiberglass fenestration.

The AAMA/WDMA U.S. National Statistical Review and Forecast, which is produced annually, shows fiberglass fenestration nearly doubling in sales from 2009 to what is forecasted in 2015.
Prime Windows Chart

Thanks to its strength and durability, fiberglass continues to grow in popularity as a choice for entry and patio doors. In fact, in the latest AAMA/WDMA U.S. National Statistical Review and Forecast, fiberglass doors are projected to grow 55 percent from 2009 (2.9 million units) to 2015 (4.5 million units).
Fiberglass Durability Door Market Chart

More detail relating to the above charts can be found in the AAMA/WDMA U.S. Statistical Review and Forecast available for purchase in AAMA's online Publication Store.