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Glass Material Council Reviews Details of Edge Scallop Testing, AAMA-IGMA Efforts, More

The Glass Material Council (GMC) was busy during the 2017 AAMA National Summer Conference last month, going over the development of a procedure pertaining to the edge seal of insulating glass units (IGUs). The council also heard updates from the IGMA Technical Policy Committee and the ASTM E0622 sub-committee. Work on these items and others will continue this October during the 2017 AAMA National Fall Conference in Greenville, SC.Tool and Procedure for Testing Edge Scalloping Under DevelopmentThe joint AAMA/IGMA Edge Pressure Task Group (Chair: Paul...

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Joint IGMA/AAMA Task Group Progresses toward Edge Pressure Testing

Excessive edge pressure applied to insulating glass units (IGUs) – as, for example, that exerted by over-tightened pressure plates used to secure glazing in curtain wall or sloped glazing systems – can create an aesthetic issue and ultimately result in a seal failure. A major example is the creation of a "wavy" edge of sealing material such as polyisobutylene (PIB) protruding into the vision area of the IGU, a phenomenon known as "scalloping."

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